In 1983, Jāvēd Ahmad Ghāmidī decided to form a foundation for learning and research by the name of Al-Mawrid. The vision behind its organization was to facilitate research in Islamic sciences and its dissemination and publication. The purpose was to educate and develop people on the basis of this research. This organization continues to work earnestly. Ghāmidī has written a passage himself to introduce people to the idea of this foundation:

A deep concern over the dearth of suitable approaches to Islamic learning in our times gave birth to this institution. As one of the consequences of sectarian biases and political conflicts, most Muslims have drifted far away from the true message of Islam as contained in the Qur’ān and the Sunnah. The Qur’ān, which is the foundation of this religion, is rarely approached for purposes other than oral delivery or rote learning. In the madrasas, those disciplines of learning that were at best a possible means to understanding the Qur’ān have become an end in themselves. The Hadīth has been isolated from its foundations in the Qur’ān and the Sunnah, and the primary focus now is on the foundational principles and the emanating discourses of a particular school of thought and on the polemics to establish their superiority over those of others.

As an institution, al-Mawrid is a name that symbolizes the effort to redress this problem. Therefore, the basic objective of this institution is facilitation and perpetuation of academic and research work in Islamic disciplines and its publication and mass communication through all possible means as well as augmentation of people’s knowledge and education through the dissemination of this work.

For this purpose, this foundation has been organized in three departments:

Research and Academics:
    Well- accomplished research and scholars are awarded fellowships
    The foundation assigns individuals with ability for academic work, projects related to research, education, dissemination and academics and facilitates their affiliation with the institute.
    The foundation provides these researchers and scholars with a conducive environment, library and other facilities.
Education and training:
    This department concerns itself with distance learning courses, short courses, seminars and workshops on religious topic
    It arranges courses on the internet
    It is also concerned with education and training in formal educational institutions with instruction in the Qur’ān through the Qur’ān itself in such manner as enables them to remain committed to their religion from the depth of heart, mind and soul
    It develops audio/video CDs based on the research work of scholars associated with the foundation with the help of some of the latest developments in communication technology. This department disseminates the creative outcomes of scholarly and academic enterprises facilitated by the institution
Dissemination and publication:
    This department organizes publication of journals in Urdu, Arabic and English
    It develops websites in the above mentioned languages.
    As a center, it uses all its resources to make arrangements for intellectual and spiritual development of people and for their education and training

Under learning, research, publication and communication, work is currently underway; under education and training, plans for regular schools and for schools in religious instruction are in progress. All my efforts and struggles are now directed towards these pursuits. The remaining days of my life are devoted to this foundation and to my scholarly work. To the Almighty, I pray for sincerity in knowledge and deed:


Perhaps the Munificent one might patronize the supplicant!