(This part of the introduction to Jāvēd Ahmad Ghāmidī’s life, works, and mission has been written on the basis of his own writings, and contains a blend of excerpts from his book, Maqāmāt, which excerpts give the reader glimpses into Ghāmidī’s feelings and into happenings and events in his life).

Jāvēd Ahmad Ghāmidī was born on April 18, 1951 in a village called Jīvan Shāh in District Sāhīwāl, Punjab. His family village was a settlement called Dāwūd in Sialkot. His father, Muhammad Tufayl Junaydī was a landowner by ancestral profession. After the death of his father, Nūr Ilāhī, Tufayl Junaydī became interested in medicine and spent the rest of his life in that area. To follow the path of tasawwuf (mysticism), Tufayl Junaydī stepped into this valley at the young age of about twenty, and for the rest of his life remained an epitome of commitment and sincerity to his chosen course. He passed away in 1986.